Boeing 767 airliner

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The Boeing 767 airliner is a commercial passenger airplane manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Boeing 767 airliner, a widebody jet, was introduced at around 767the same time as the 757, its narrowbody sister. The 767 has a seat-to-aisle ratio in economy class of 3.5 seats per aisle, making for quicker food service and quicker exit of the

In 1993 Boeing launched the 767-300F General Market Freighter. Changes included strengthened undercarriage and wing structure, a cargo handling solution, no cabin windows and a main deck freight door. Capacity is 24 containers. The further stretched 767-400 was described separately.

plane than many other jetliners, which typically have between four and six seats per aisle in economy class.

On the downside, as the 767 has a slightly narrower fuselage diameter than other wide-body aircraft (such as the Airbus A300 and A310), it is unable to carry ordinary Unit Load Devices, and instead has to use specially designed air freight containers and pallets.

The 767 is to be succeeded in the Boeing lineup by the 787.