Boeing 767 airliner

Incidents of Note

•Gimli Glider On July 23, 1983 Air Canada flight 143 ran out of fuel in flight and had to glide to an emergency landing. The inclusion of a ram air turbine allowed the aircraft to be controlled with complete loss of power and resulted in zero fatalities because of this error.

Chinese state aircraft

In 2000, the government of China purchased a 767-300ER as the official executive aircraft of President Jiang Zemin. The aircraft had originally been delivered to Delta Air Lines in June 2000 but was immediately resold to China United Airlines. After its transfer to the Chinese government, the plane was taken to San Antonio, Texas to be refitted with a custom interior.

In the fall of 2001, the Chinese government announced that it had discovered 27 covert listening devices embedded in the plane's interior. The Chinese government blamed the CIA for planting the bugs. The 22 Chinese military and government officials charged with overseeing the refit were arrested for suspicion of negligence and corruption.

The CIA and American President George W. Bush denied having any knowledge of the existence of the listening devices. Diplomatic experts worried that the incident would have deleterious effects on Sino-American relations and Boeing's reputation in the lucrative Chinese market. However, relations between the two countries remained cordial and Chinese airlines continued to purchase Boeing aircraft.